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  • The US House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to overturn a ruling that would have forced Internet service providers to obtain consent before selling your web browsing history to third parties for the purpose of targeted advertising.

  • Sony Pictures yesterday teased on Twitter that a new Spider-Man trailer would be dropping today. Sure enough, the entertainment company delivered with the second official trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

  • As VR expands into the mainstream (or at least that's manufacturers' bet), gamers will be looking for a small form factor or portable gaming rig to power their new headsets. Lugging around a full sized gaming PC isn't always practical though, so MSI is looking to change that with their...

  • Sandra (short for System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) has been a long time favorite app to have in your PC toolbox. With a plethora of synthetic benchmarks and system diagnostic options, it's also free for personal and educational use. This latest version revamps the interface and adds support for...

  • Bungie just the other day officially confirmed Destiny 2. At the time, I speculated that we might see the game’s first trailer emerge at E3 2017 in June. Turns out, I was wrong (and that’s a good thing).

  • After systematically ripping off Snapchat in Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp, Facebook has now integrated the same Stories functionality into its core app, which gets more than 1.7 billion mobile visitors a month. The new feature is prominently positioned at the top, with a shortcut for Direct sharing to the far...

  • Vizio on Tuesday unveiled its 2017 lineup of D-Series, value-minded smart televisions with models ranging in size from 24 inches up through 65 inches.

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